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Commissioned Artwork for Dragonfly's Landing Healing Bodywork, a new local small business. This was the main, larger piece of the commission, but there were other components done as well to complete a new business branding, include variants of this, with and without specific elements so that it can be used across varies platforms, advertising, and merchandising.
If you are interested in having work commissioned for:

•Yourself or Your Small Business
•Your Band (Artwork, Logos, Merch, Show Flyers/ Tour Posters)
•Your Record Label / Recording Studio
•Promotional Item or Poster
•Social Media or Physical Informational Flyer
•Company Logos or Merch Design
•Business Card or Postcard Artwork
•General Merchandise (Stickers, Pins, Shirts, etc)

Then please email me at: Tathmandu@gmail.com with all the details of your project.